Dare to find your joy.

Talk Therapy with Action uses EFT - a combination of talk therapy and acupressure, to help when you are stuck...  be it anxiety, phobias, trauma, physical pain, chronic-illness, stress, weight challenges or simply being in a rut.

You will find a safe space to download your thoughts, work through what is troubling you, and come away with a technique you can use at home to continue building clarity and strength in your life.... and yes, even joy!

Serving the North Canterbury region

Based in Amberley, there is an option to meet at my home office...plus there are other ways to connect.

It has been a major frustration of mine that it can be difficult to get help when and where you need it, so there is also an option to meet at your home if that feels more comfortable, or on video conferencing (Zoom). 

Appointments are available week nights as well as week days. Options also available to meet in the weekend if you require, so working together is as accessible as possible.