Dare to find your joy, with TTWA you can get clarity and action with the sticky bits of your life now.

Hi and welcome!

The fact that you have made it to page two of this website tells me that you are open to new ways of affecting change in your life.  Congratulations.  You are one step closer to clarity than most.

I am a Solutionist.  If there is a problem of any sort... a way of being that wasn't serving me, I search to find an alternative path.  This passion led me to study various modalities in the field of psychology and self-discovery. 

Humbly, I introduce EFT as the method that consistently produces positive results.  It is the best of both worlds; East and West ... the science of cognitive talk therapy combined with the sublime power of acupressure and meridian energy healing, that releases our emotional blocks and works through all manner of issues.

Together, we will address what's bothering you using this safe and gentle process, working towards a change for the better. 

The goal of a session is to get clarity and learn tools that are easy, fun and convenient to use at home.

How does EFT work?

EFT uses the combination of acupressure and cognitive talk therapy as a re-balancing tool for our nervous system.

When we apply this technique it quickly allows us to experience a shift in our thoughts, our feelings and our body, as EFT allowing for a more peaceful, clear and calm state of being.

EFT has a great deal of research behind it, much of it published in professional, peer-reviewed journals.* In essence, EFT down-regulates our body’s limbic system (our Threat-Response Cycle) decreases stress hormones cascading in the body (Cortisol, Adrenaline) and gives clarity regarding limiting beliefs lodged in our neural pathways 

In simple terms ... it removes the "charge" around an event so it can be recalled as just a moment in time, without affecting your present state of mind or health.